The Truth About Crown Restoration

Hair restoration in the crown is such a different animal compared to hairline restoration. A crown can take as few as 500 grafts, or up to 2500 grafts and more to address. Crowns can be small or ...
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You think you have found a great clinic with a good price in India, Turkey, Mexico... Think again.

Who's doing your procedure. A doctor? How can you know? Does the country have a medical board where you can look up the "doctor's" license information? Can you verify in any way that ...
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Facial Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are not limited to correcting hair loss of the scalp. The procedure is actually quite successful, and in some cases, more successful, for correcting insufficient facial ...
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The Truth Behind Neografts

As with every new technology that has been developed in the field of hair restoration, NeoGraft is more hype than hair. The company behind the machine has marketed it as another profit center to ...
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