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Facial Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are not limited to correcting hair loss of the scalp. The procedure is actually quite successful, and in some cases, more successful, for correcting insufficient facial hair. Many a young man discovers to his extreme dismay that he cannot grow the full, masculine beard or moustache that his friends sport. He may not have full sideburns or a moustache, or just a sparseness or patchiness to his existing facial hair. This, of course, limits styling options, especially so today where facial hair is an integral element of personal grooming. Hair transplantation to the face can correct for these deficiencies.

Facial hair transplant procedures are performed just like traditional scalp transplantation procedures. The hair is harvested from the donor region in the back of the scalp with either an FUE technique or the strip method. It is then implanted into the face where needed. The surgeon will match the traditional growth pattern of beard hair which is mostly in a downward direction. Depending upon the amount of area to be covered, sometimes two procedures are needed to address all areas.

The facial hair transplants usually match the native beard hair very well. Of course, since the transplants came from the scalp, they are genetically scalp follicles and may grow at a slightly different rate than existing facial hair. Once grown in the hair can be groomed exactly the same as the original beard hair. Commonly scalp hair from the donor region grays more slowly than beard hair so the transplants may be darker for a longer period of time. They can be dyed just like all hair.

Facial hair transplant procedures are done under local anesthesia and are usually 4 - 8 hours in duration. There is usually swelling and redness post-operatively for a few days. The healing and regrowth phase is just the same as with scalp hair transplants.

Facial hair has become a very important element to a man's grooming. The ability to grow "scruff" or a full beard allows a man different looks as his feelings, and fashion sense, change. Facial hair transplantation allows even those men with deficient facial hair to enjoy the same options as their more hirsute brethren.

The following patient had only 750 grafts added to each side of his face. This is a relatively small number. We populated some to eliminate the patchyness of the cheek area and extended it to connect with the newly constructed goatee.

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