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The Truth Behind Neografts

As with every new technology that has been developed in the field of hair restoration, NeoGraft is more hype than hair. The company behind the machine has marketed it as another profit center to physicians who may or may not be well trained in hair restoration. The NeoGraft appears to make it easy to add hair transplantation to one's practice…and it does. But, that's good for the physician and not necessarily for the patients.

Physicians who purchase a Neograft are offered scant training. They can begin doing procedure after a brief weekend course. This almost insures a low-quality final result. The Neograft machine, like the newer Artas robotic device, is simply an automated way of harvesting grafts. This in no way guarantees a good result. Hair line design and graft placement have far more bearing on what the patient will see when he looks in the mirror 12 months hence. The harvesting of hair is the least important part of a successful hair transplantation procedure.

Further, hair transplant procedures are very staff dependent. The technicians who actually place the grafts have a very significant effect on the final result. There is tremendous variation in the skill of the technicians. If a doctor employs cheap labor, the patient will likely have a lower quality result.

In addition, for those patients having frontal hair restoration, hair line design is most certainly the largest factor in the quality result. Producing a completely natural hair line is all about the physician's judgment and has nothing to do with how the hair was harvested.

So, paradoxically, technology can actually lead to poorer results. By making it easier for physicians to begin doing hair transplantation, more physicians will do it. Some will have little to no training in the aspects of the procedure that really matter. Patients who make a decision based upon sexy-sounding technology are setting themselves up for heartache.

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