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The Truth About Crown Restoration

Hair restoration in the crown is such a different animal compared to hairline restoration. A crown can take as few as 500 grafts, or up to 2500 grafts and more to address. Crowns can be small or extremely wide and deep, dipping into the donor area. In those cases where a person's crown loss dips down the back of the head into the donor area, then the patient is not likely a good candidate for hair transplantation. The occipital ridge, which is the protruding bone you feel at the back of the head, is a key landmark for hair restoration decisions. If a person’s loss drops below that point, he should strongly consider NOT doing a hair transplant procedure in the crown. It is likely that he does not have enough hair. If your loss does not dip past that bone, then you should be in pretty good shape for crown restoration.

The other problem with crown restoration is the perspective from which the hair is viewed. Generally, hair transplant results in the crown are looked down upon from above. This produces a very different affect as compared to grafts placed at the hair line. The best way we describe this is by comparison to how you view a forest. When you stand on the forest floor and look through it, the forest will look fuller that it actually is because the trees are randomly scattered and that blocks your sight from looking through the forest. The forest appears denser. However, if you take a helicopter and fly over that same forest and look down upon it, you will see the spacing between the trees. It won’t appear as dense. That's how people see the crown.... people have an aerial view. The hairline, with one procedure, always has a better look than a crown, all other things being equal. Meaning, if someone has no hair in the hairline vs someone who has no hair in the crown, the patient who does a hairline restoration will "look" like he has a better result.

This is a dirty little secret about hair restoration.

With this said, this is why we tell our patients who have crown loss that in the future, they may want to do a 2nd procedure for density. While, 80% of patients do a 2nd procedure (not because they have to...they want to) most crown patients who have lost all native hair need to keep this foremost in mind.

Hair loss is a terrible problem over which the patient feels he has very little control. Hair transplants gives men and women that control back. So, most patients who see their hair growing back in and feel like they finally have a handle on this problem, are elated and want to get more hair!!

Below you will find a before and after of patient who did 2000-2500 grafts in the crown. He had a very wide pattern of loss as you can see. While he undoubtedly has lost much of the fine, vellus hair in the before photo this patient has NOT had a 2nd procedure since he had his crown restored. This patient had realistic expectations and is happy with his results.

Why do we at Samson tell you this? Because we have nothing to hide. Call us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Check out our many other hair restoration services.

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