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You think you have found a great clinic with a good price in India, Turkey, Mexico... Think again.

Who's doing your procedure. A doctor? How can you know? Does the country have a medical board where you can look up the "doctor's" license information? Can you verify in any way that they are who they say they are? What if they are not? Even if the person is a doctor, how do you know they know what they are doing? Do they know the basics of Lidocaine and Marcaine use based on weight and additive? Do they know about the maximum dose for a patient who is 180 lbs and has an issue with Epinepherine? Will they use Lidocaine or Marcaine without Epi? Issues as simple as the anesthesia can be critical.

Doctors in the U.S. are fully trained about these subjects. This is Medicine 101 in the US. But not necessarily so in other countries. Can you really afford to take the chance

Will there be a doctor on the premises at all times during your procedure? A real doctor. Not one a phone call away. This applies to clinics in the U.S. as well. There are some clinics in this country doing FUEs as you read this that do NOT have a doctor on the premises. Can a doctor a phone call away really help you? Do you think they disclose this to the patients?

If price is all you are worried about then you're asking for trouble. You really have to consider that putting yourself at risk to save a couple of dollars may not be the best bet. Even if you're satisfied that you are not putting yourself at risk, you also have to consider whether you're putting your donor supply at risk. Donor hair is priceless. The supply is finite; you don't make more of it. Hair transplants are a supply and demand issue. If you deplete your supply with an inexperienced group then you just wasted precious grafts that you can never get back!

Some patients get seduced with a low price. People making such offers know this. You better hope their interest goes beyond simply getting you in for a cheap procedure.

This photo below is of a patient who went to a foreign country. As you can see they have harvested grafts right up to where his hair loss in his crown ends. BIG MISTAKE!!

He is a fairly young guy and his hair loss will probably dip down more in the crown. Guess what is going to happen to those grafts that were taken from the border of his crown loss? Those will fall out. There are parameters that need to be followed in hair transplants and clearly this clinic did not stay within those parameters. They took as much as they could and didn't think about the future of those grafts. He will most likely have a patchy affect when those grafts fall out in his recipient area within the next 5-6 years.

This photo below is also the same patient. His hairline clearly is unnaturally straight. There are NO STRAIGHT LINES IN NATURE. No natural hairline looks like this ever. Also if you look at where they stopped placing the grafts you will see that there is a very clear "straight" cut off point. That is another principle of hair transplants that has been violated. When his hair grows in and he sits down at the dinner table, people will see that the rear border has a perfect line as an ending point. This doesn't look natural, does it?

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